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BACAB Case Study

April Case Study

My name is April and the CAB Home Visiting team really helped me – here’s my story. Where would I be without them? I’ve been living on disability benefit since 2002 and it’s a struggle for me to leave the house. I’ve been ill with various ailments for several years now.I just want to take […]

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Case Study 3

Client is in her mid 50’s with long term health problems. She is a social tenant and a victim of domestic violence. Client had been turned down for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and needed help with an appeal. Client very distressed with loss of income, which has contributed towards her falling into rent arrears. Adviser helped

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Case Study 2

Client is from Czech Republic. She has been here for 15 years and worked for 13 of these paying NI and tax.  She was living with her partner who was in full time work.  Two years ago she had a baby, during this time she was supported by her partner and did not claim benefits.  Her

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Case Study 1

Client is a female, lone parent aged 34.  She has 3 daughters, two still living at home.  She is a carer for her youngest daughter who is in receipt of DLA.   She lives in private rented accommodation and receives Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit and Income Support.  We helped the client to claim Carers Allowance, and

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