Client is from Czech Republic. She has been here for 15 years and worked for 13 of these paying NI and tax.  She was living with her partner who was in full time work.  Two years ago she had a baby, during this time she was supported by her partner and did not claim benefits.  Her partner left her; she could not the pay rent and so become homeless.

We exist to ensure that our local community is supported in the best possible way by charitably funding the Citizens’ Advice in Buckingham Winslow and the surrounding area.

BACAB – The Buckingham Area Community Advice Bureau

BACAB raises funds for Citizens’ Advice in Buckingham, Winslow and the surrounding area.

Have you had a sudden change in your life circumstances?

Have you stopped opening those brown envelopes as debts pile up?


Are your household bills spiralling out of control?

Citizens’ Advice in Buckingham and Winslow have trained advisers waiting to help you at your local office, or in certain circumstances, they will even come out to your home. This is the vital services that BACAB exists to support: each year we give £25,000 to our CAB, every penny of which is raised from the local community and businesses.