Case Study 2

Client is from Czech Republic. She has been here for 15 years and worked for 13 of these paying NI and tax.  She was living with her partner who was in full time work.  Two years ago she had a baby, during this time she was supported by her partner and did not claim benefits.  Her partner left her; she could not the pay rent and so become homeless.  Milton Keynes council provided temporary accommodation in a room in a public house in the rural village of Adstock which meant she couldn’t get into the bureau. They paid her Housing Benefit initially, but stipulated she had to pay £10.00 shortfall.  She applied for Job Seekers, but received a letter from the Immigration Benefits Centre in Wick, stating that she did not have “right to reside” and therefore was not entitled to benefits.  This resulted in MK DC stating she could not receive Housing Allowance as she had no income.  After consultation with Luton Law Centre, who said that DWP has made an incorrect decision as client did have Right to Reside. Maintaining contact with the client enabled us to send a letter off to Wick asking for reconsideration and backdating. Client was subsequently notified that she did have Right to Reside and could claim Job Seekers of £71pw. She also received letter from MK Council informing her that she was entitled to Housing Benefit £189pw. We are still in contact with the client and are seeking backdating and also helping her to make application to the CSA for maintenance.


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Jane Mordue

Chair of BACAB. She has had many roles, as former Chair of our CAB, then vice chair of the national Citizens Advice.

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