Help us ensure that the Citizens Advice in Buckingham, Winslow and the surrounding area is sufficiently funded

Your donations contribute towards:

£ 1

pays for the admin costs of a home visit

£ 1

pays for a single home visit

£ 1

pays for 3 home visits

(average number per client)

Your support for BACAB and your local community is crucial to some of the most vulnerable in our area.

You may not even realise how many people you see about town every day have received support from the amazing work done by Citizens Advice in Buckingham, Winslow and the nearby rural community, supported through BACAB funding.

Donate for vulnerable individuals - Citizens' Advice

Gift Aid: Make your gift go further

With Gift Aid, UK tax payers can make their gift go even further as HM Treasury will donate 25p for every £1 you donate.

And if you are self-employed, don’t forget you can also off-set any charitable giving from your annual self-assessment. It’s a quick and easy way, that doesn’t cost you a penny, to make sure your community gets the support it deserves.

Help BACAB ensure that the Citizens Advice in Buckingham, Winslow and the surrounding area is sufficiently funded.

As the years roll by and inflation continues to outstrip the rate at which pension and investment income increase, our charitable giving comes under increasing pressure.

When I retired some years ago, I took the view that my financial situation would not preclude me from making meaningful lump sum donations to charity. But, that did not mean that my contributions would cease to have any value to those concerned. I simply adopted a different method of giving.

I now make small regular donations that represent about 2% of my monthly outgoings. This is both manageable as far as I am concerned and is of significant value to the charities I support, over, say, a five year period For example, a gift aided donation of £20 a month over five year produces a net sum of £1,200 which increases to more than £1,500 after the base rate of tax is recovered from the Inland Revenue by the charity.

Although it is not in a lump sum, the charity may choose to borrow the equivalent amount in advance, or to simply rely on my monthly payments as a cash flow supplement. The hardest part is selecting the charities to support. If you are reading this article, I trust you, like me, are already supporting, or are about to support BACAB.