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Alesa Case Study

Alesa phoned the Home Visiting team on the recommendation of another support agency whose remit was too limited to give the holistic help she needed. She and her husband were looking for both welfare benefit and debt advice. The adviser completed a full benefits check followed by a successful Attendance Allowance claim at the higher […]

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Charles Case Study

Charles was referred to the Home Visiting team by his GP surgery. Although able to cope with the day to day physical tasks of being the main carer for his daughter and granddaughter, he felt troubled by the burdensome paperwork that accompanied the role as he was the personal representative for both. The adviser helped

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Dora Case Study

Dora qualified for her state pension and was looking forward to her retirement. She had been in low paid employment but had managed to save a small amount and secure a modest private pension. Unfortunately, ill health struck leaving her reliant on paid carers as she lived alone and had no close relatives. Home visits

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Rotary Swimathon 2020 in support of BACAB

Rotary Swimathon 2020

Team HardBrigShips is swimming in the Rotary 2020 Swimmathon in support of BACAB BACAB works to maintain the vital home-visiting service to residents in the countryside around here. We take the CAB services to people who, for whatever reason, need help, usually with debt and benefits. Sadly, there are many who live at the end

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Scam Awareness Month 2018 Citizen's Advice

Be scam aware this month

This year’s campaign, ‘Don’t miss a trick, be scam aware’, will focus on those frequently targeted for scams.  BACAB and CAB as the wider organisation are warning people to look out for the most frequent scams to avoid becoming a victim. Spam emails, suspicious activity alerts from your bank, cold calling seem to have become part of our daily

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